About us


                                        We Are Arab Industry Security Company.

 The field of fire protection engineering started in Egypt in the mid-seventies.  That is when insurance companies started to provide certain incentives to clients to install automatic fire detection and suppression systems using Halon 1301 or CO2 as the extinguishing agent. In February of 1982 HENOR was formed and a few months later it signed the agency agreements for Egypt with two world leaders in the field of fire protection. The first was WALTER KIDDE (or KIDDE BELLEVILLE, USA).  The name KIDDE at that time was, and still is, one of the leading brands in special hazards fire protection systems in the world. Kidde was the first company to introduce CO2 gas for special hazards and marine fire suppression systems and also one of the first to introduce the family of Halons, High Expansion Foam, Large Dry chemical and several other products that became industry standard systems and equipment. The second company was SABO spa, a leading FOAM concentrate manufacturer in Europe with probably one of the most advanced field test facilities and laboratories in the world. From day one Henor became exposed to the best fire protection experts in the world and accordingly in a short period of time it succeeded in winning very sophisticated projects in Egypt and played a very significant role in introducing new technologies to the Egyptian market.

We can comfortably state that ARAB INDUSTRIAL SECURITY COMPANY, HENOR is one of the most experienced fire and explosion protection systems contractors in the world with almost 35 years of intense experience in this field. HENOR is also one of the oldest three business partners for KIDDE FIRE SYSTEMS in the whole world and have successfully completed hundreds of projects of all branches of fire protection engineering in more than 10 countries in Africa and the Middle East. The key founders of HENOR'S employees are still working for the company since 1982, thus maintaining this vast sea of knowledge and experience within the company.

If you need specialized fire protection excellence, you simply come to Henor.





Mission Statement

  • Henor is a premier international fire protection company that strives to achieve results that exceed expectations through our commitment to our clients adding maximum value to their business.

  • Handling complex and sophisticated projects locally and internationally.

  • Being accessible, efficient, responsive and technologically advanced.

  • Our commitment to our clients providing extensive and worthy engineering designs and installations.

  • Our commitment to ourselves sustaining and enriching quality through product diversity and teamwork.

  • Striving to improve while celebrating our accomplishments.

  • Assuring career opportunities by sustaining growth and financial strength.


Our advantages


Henor’s Experience

Henor is one of the most experienced fire protection contractors in the region.

Our corporate and senior staff members offer more than 150 years combined experience in the field.

Henor has been employing highly skilled engineers and technicians that have built Henor's reputation for quality and service.

Which resulted in a considerable amount of Henor's revenues from a continuous business of our shortlisted clients.


Complete Range of Design Services

Henor is a specialized engineering firm for all kinds of fire protection systems:

  1. Water Systems

  2. Foam Systems

  3. Water supply & fire pumping stations.

  4. Gaseous Systems.

  5. Wet & Dry Chemical Systems.

  6. Electronics.


Services & Technology

- Range of Principals, Suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Kidde Fire Systems / Fire Suppression Systems

  • Edwards / HF Fire

  • Viking Corp / Water Firefighting Systems.

  • Chemguard / Foam Systems

  • Potter Roemer / Firefighting Equipment

  • Mueller Co / Strainers & Hydrants

  • Kennedy Valve / Valves

  • Victaulic / Mechanical pipe systems